Mr Michael Brosnahan  
Welcome to our school.
Our goal at St Mary's is that all of our pupils become the best person that they can.
We are very proud of our school and the young adults who graduate from our school at the end of year eight.
At St Mary's we produce a very well rounded pupil where we ensure that our pupils are able to achieve in not only the basic academic skills but also in cultural, artistic and sporting endeavours.
The feedback that we receive from the high schools that our pupils attend after they gradate from our school is that our pupils are very well prepared for secondary school: academically, socially and emotionally.

 Mrs Lindsay Stevens      
 Deputy Principal   

Class teacher year three - Room Five

School numeracy leader


Mrs Mary Dillon 

Teacher DRS (Director of Religious Studies)

Class teacher year four - Room Four

Head of Music 


Mrs Judy Baines                

Class teacher year seven and eight -  Room 7

Outdoor education

Numeracy lead teacher (senior)


Mrs Lisa Matheson              

Class teacher year five and six - Room Six

Sports coordinator 


Mrs Susan Tait          

Class teacher new entrants - Room One

School literacy leader & Reading recovery teacher


Mrs Virginia O’Neill              

Class teacher year two - Room Two 


Mrs Jacqui Dodson  

Teacher - Year One, Room 3


Mrs Pauline Evans    Administration

Mrs Sandra Farquhar - Teacher Aid

Philippa Brosnahan - Teacher Aid

Fleur Cooper - Teacher Aid

Katrina Callaghan - Teacher Aid

Charlotte Dawson - Teacher Aid

Janna Begley - Teacher Aid