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Buddy System


Growing Together

This was introduced into the School in 1998. The main aim was to give our senior pupils (Years7 & 8) leadership experiences while at the same time helping the new entrant’s transition to school life.

Each senior pupil has a five-year-old as their 'buddy'. As each child starts school they are introduced to the 'big person' who will look out for them. On Fridays the buddies do an activity together, they sit together at School Masses, and will be there if the five-year-old needs help. It needs to be emphasised that children are encouraged to play with their own age group, but it is reassuring for a five-year-old to know that there is someone special they can call on if they need a hand.

To further develop the leadership skills of our senior students we have:

Whanau/family groups, each group has children from all age groups with student leaders and a staff member in charge. The student Whanau Leaders are from the year 8 class.

A range of activities take place during Whanau time e.g. understanding our school vision, whole school sports events where the seniors can support the juniors, school wide daily fitness, pastoral events which reflect the schools special character.

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