St Mary's Mosgiel

Mission Statement—St Mary’s is a Catholic School dedicated to the provision of the highest quality primary education with a special emphasis of Catholic values and attitudes.

Welcome to our school.

Our goal at St Mary's is that all of our pupils become the best person that they can and we are very proud of our school and the young adults who graduate from our school at the end of year eight.

At St Mary's we produce a very well rounded pupil where we ensure that our pupils are able to achieve in not only the basic academic skills but also in cultural, artistic and sporting endeavours.

The feedback that we receive from the high schools that our pupils, attend after they gradate from our school is that our pupils are very well prepared for secondary school: academically, socially and emotionally.

St Mary’s is a Catholic primary school. It caters for both boys and girls from New Entrants to Year Eight.

The students come mainly from the township of Mosgiel, although a number travel by bus from outlying areas on the Taieri Plains.

During this time the school has been through a number of changes, the last major change was at the beginning of 2013 when we relocated to 87 Church Street.

The school was started in 1882 by two lay women Katherine and Alice McLachlan. The Sisters of Mercy took charge of the school in 1889.

Throughout its history, the emphasis has been on learning and creating an inclusive environment. This holds true for today, where the support and dedication of the school community and staff is as strong today as it was in 1882.