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New Entrant


New Entrants

Our learning programme is focussed on the children having a smooth transition from
early childhood education. This comes about through the learning programme
acknowledging both Te Whãriki and the New Zealand Curriculum. The focus is on
the development of strong early numeracy and literacy skills and self-management
skills within a class that has many play based learning opportunities.


It is really important that the children develop their self-management skills and one way these can be easily developed is with our start of the day routine. The children are encouraged to complete as much of this independently as they can.


Judy strives to give each and every student that walks through the door the best possible start to their schooling at St Mary's.


Room 1 Student

My favourite part of St Mary's is playing soccer. I like learning using the straw connectors. Mrs Baines is really nice. She has me with reading and saying my words better.

Room 1 Parent

My child has had the very best start to his educational journey. He looks forward to school each day and his new entrant teacher has fostered a real love for learning in my child. He just loves school and every part of the fun, learning and that he receives

Room 1 Student

My favourite thing at school is Casey Caterpillar. We get to learn our  letter shapes. Mrs Baines helps us to be smart. She teaches  us maths and I like it because it is fun. We get to sit on the star of the day chair. 

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